Thousands of developers launch apps everyday.
We send you their contact info and AppStore data!

LaunchPop is a daily intelligent list and infograph of developers with newly launched iOS apps including their email and Twitter link if available.


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Saves time & energy for lead gen. We handle the data mining & entry.


Grow your business daily with an influx on new potential customers.


Data is provided in CSV format for easy and flexible usage.


LaunchPop lists are continuously evolving and updating. Our data is never stale or outdated. Our system checks and rechecks each data point on a daily basis. We also create customized lists for individual clients with varying focal points.
We use a mix of computer and experts to check through the data. At the moment we return the contact(s) we find that are the best available and are fine tuning the data over time. This helps to minimize errors and bounce rates. LaunchPop also measures and tracks the 'Quality' of every developer on the AppStore, which is an industry first. If you have a product targeted at mobile app developers, LaunchPop is a must!
The LaunchPop list contains all the standard data points available on the AppStore for every app released the previous day including:
  • AppID
  • AppName
  • SellerName
  • CompanyURL
  • SupportURL
  • Category
  • Language
  • Email
  • TwitterURL
  • Ratings
  • # Of Reviews
In addition to the above standard data points, LaunchPop lists also include Developer Points and Developer Rank which are both calculated using LaunchPop’s proprietary formula. The developer points and ranking shows in realtime, how each app’s developer ranks amongst all developers currently in the AppStore. This information (an industry first) is very powerful and only available through LaunchPop. With ‘Developer Ranks, SDR’s are now equipped with the intelligence to determine the quality of each developer.
We understand that one size doesn't fit all and not all clients needs are the same. Some clients want app focused data while other want developer focused data and yet another set might want an all encompassing data. Our experts and account reps work diligently with new and existing clients to make sure their specific data needs are met at a price that makes sense. If your specific data point is publicly available or can be derived from information publicly available, we can accommodate your needs.
Yes. Our LaunchPop Historical List gives you the same insights and datapoints available on the LaunchPop daily list but for the previous 100. We can even go back further if need be as per client needs.
Unlike other lead gen services, LaunchPop does not require an annual contract because we are very confident in the immediate value of our product. If you don't see the value in our product after the first month, there is no reason for you to stay with us. So our subscriptions are billed on a monthly basis at the end of your billing cycle and you can cancel anytime.
There is no typical LaunchPop client profile. We’ve worked with everyone from day old startups with founders as sales associates to large companies with dedicated sales teams to research organizations in academia. Our clients have found success with LaunchPop at all stages of the company growth cycle. However we find that B2B clients with a very specific target customer clearly defined value proposition see the highest ROI with out lists.


We offer 3 straightforward plans to meet the specific needs of our client.
No commitment for 10 days - cancel anytime.
(Your creditcard will NOT be charged until your 10 day trial period is over.)
Historical List
Onetime Fee
  • Previous 100 Days of Data
  • Billed Once
  • Mailed Once
  • CSV File
  • No Updates
  • Onetime Support
  • Data Points AppID, AppName, SellerName, CompanyURL, SupportURL, Category, Language, Email, Twitter, Ratings, Reviews.
  • *Optional add-ons DeveloperPoints, DeveloperRank, Infograph.
Current List
Monthly subscription (10 DAYS FREE)
  • Previous 24 Hours of Data
  • Billed Monthly
  • Mailed Daily
  • CSV File
  • Regular List Updates
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Data Points AppID, AppName, SellerName, CompanyURL, SupportURL, Category, Language, Email, Twitter, Ratings, Reviews.
  • *Optional add-ons DeveloperPoints, DeveloperRank, Infograph.
Custom List
For Details
* DeveloperPoints, DeveloperRank and Infograph are optional add-ons.
By purchasing any of our lists, you agree to our terms and conditions.
Annual Discounts

We understand an annual contract is a huge commitment. So if you buy an annual plan, we will give you a 20% discount including 10 days free. Also annual plans are easier to expense with a single receipt.


Let's save you the headache, time and energy. With LaunchPop lists - We Prospect, You Close!